Welcome Hospitality Enthusiasts!


When you dream of hotel stays, what do you love? Is it sumptuous sheeting or fluffy slippers? Perhaps it's the look of the place you remember trickling fountains welcoming you in the entryway or a firepit that prompted family bonding. Why wouldn’t you want to explore options for bringing these much-loved facets home with you?

Hotels to Home brilliance enlists the Star-Studded Ideas Index as a means to explore a vast range of options for ushering luxury into daily living. This Star-Studded rating system breaks down home enhancements into one through five-star categories one star represents an alteration that requires the smallest investment and has little impact on budget. “Up to 30 minutes of research or preparation…yet adds a new splash of lifestyle improvement.” (Hotels to Home, pg. 19.) As the stars increase, so does the effort needed to complete the change. When you think of a five-star enhancement, think, sky’s the limit!

Let’s explore how Star-Studded ideas can work in a prized hotel area (yet often underrated or overlooked part of the home), the entry way. Get ready to shop those hotel memories and discover your perfect at-home lobby.

As your personal concierge aiding you on your lifestyle enhancement journey, there’s one fundamental concept I hope to impress upon you: your Hotels to Home journey is uniquely yours! Any number of stars works, because the most meaningful lifestyle changes are those that reflect your individual, distinctive taste.


The Concierge