If you have forgotten any comfort items, please notify the concierge for accomodations


In my industry, we pride ourselves on being over-prepared. I often welcome guests who, upon arrival, realize they’ve forgotten to pack their toothbrush, razor, or (dare I even say it?) a book! Many hotels have guest amenity kits that cater to those individuals who find themselves in this predicament. Why not add this provision to your own guest suite?

“These kits went above and beyond my expectations and included everything needed to end the evening comfortably and start the day fresh.” - Hotels to Home, pg. 135

A guest room’s personal amenities can make even the most underprepared traveler feel relaxed and welcome. This no-hassle hospitality offering ensures your unexpected (or forgetful) guest need not suffer the whole evening plagued by a headache (be sure to include aspirin) or forfeit hygiene without a toothbrush. These items can be discreetly packaged and stylishly presented by way of a homemade amenity bag. As per my favorite Hotels to Home pillar, be sure to add your own personal flair, and have a ball with assembly!

Concierge Amenity Bag Essentials:


Go for something neutral, and sensitive to all hair types.

Body Wash

Who hasn’t had to use shampoo as body soap, at least once?

Dental Kit

Don’t forget to include floss!

Make-up Remover

No one likes waking up to mascara stains on the pillowcase.


The perfect emergency amenity.


For when the libations are flowing and the headaches are growing…

Lint Roller

Oft overlooked, but quite the crowd pleaser.

Sewing Kit

To replace the adventurous button.

Lip Balm

Supple lips in any climate.

Health Enhancements

Hand sanitizer and a fresh mask.

Shave Kit

Extra shave cream is always appreciated.

Hotel Slippers

A Hotels to Home favorite!

The final component of a super savvy amenity bag is the vessel in which you choose to present the aforementioned items. Let’s get creative! Surprise and delight your guests with just that little extra care. Explore totes that come in rich textures and colors, or could perhaps be repurposed into a clutch add a ribbon or tassel for extra bling, and for a five-star idea, add a personalized monogram! One Hotels to Home enthusiast even monogramed their amenity bags with the emblem of their home ranch – who could say “neigh” to that?!

Whether you’re preparing for holiday guests, or simply enjoy being overly prepared (like myself), I encourage you to don your creative cap and try constructing your own amenity kit. Don’t forget to post photos and tag your favorite hospitality and lifestyle brand, To Home Lifestyling @hotelstohome!

“These kits, along with our lush surroundings, made us feel like celebrities.” - Hotels to Home, pg. 135

Until next time,

The Concierge