Live Inspired.


Let's reframe how we start the new year. Instead of a list of resolutions, embrace a revolution mindset. Each day we are given the opportunity to improve our daily living with special touches. Utilizing Hotels to Home investigative methods as a means for lifestyle improvement, let's scan those fond hotel memories and decipher how we can live a more wonderful daily existence.

Rely on hotel stays to be your lifestyle muse. Do you have a favorite hotel? Why? One guest mentioned a lush lobby in Las Vegas, but when asked further about homelife, he recognized his home's entryways were in stark contrast. Time to make a renovation investment so that entering one's own home becomes more joyous. What do you love most about being a hotel guest? One hospitality enthusiast answered, without hesitation, towel warmers in the bathroom they quickly realized that is an easy room enhancement that would make their daily living more fulfilling. Do you find your thoughts drift to certain hotel activities? Perhaps turndown service or room service should be added periodically to enliven daily rituals.

Hotels to Home living is highly personalized and can begin virtually anywhere, depending on what or where the household needs refreshing. You choose how you revitalize day-to-day living based on your circumstances. In Hotels to Home speak, you choose if you want a 1-star or 5-star change up.

“We may not always have the time, financial resource, or emotional reserves to embark on high impact changes across all areas of homelife. The star system takes these realities into account by providing an achievable framework for lifestyle transformation.” - Hotels to Home, page 19

Perhaps start small with a smattering of nice touches or simple indulgences. Cozy dinners in unique home locations, bathroom amenities update, or adding new scents for new olfactory experiences. I overheard one guest mutter, “fresh year, fresh flowers.” Her revolution focused on scattering rose buds across the home, seasonal floral arrangement deliveries, and taking a flower arranging class.

Looking for more intensive revitalization? What about spending a week on a lifestyle safari? Roam your home and gauge where you might not be satisfied. Just like on a safari, travel across your rooms at different times of the day so as to gain many different perspectives. View your homelife during all times of day and night. Now, look back on the homelife safari - any themes emerging? Any time of day, daily routine moments, or household spaces robbing you of joy and energy? One reader mentioned a room that bothered her for years, as her eye always thought the decor was ugly when she walked by it. Time to purge and redecorate! Another mentioned wanting to increase outdoor living so hardscape planning commenced and yet another realized that his time with the children was feeling rather routine and they needed to plan some fun activities, like how a concierge helps guests fully enjoy leisure time. Finally, one guest mentioned that they would add one hotel luxury a month so that they were elevating everyday rituals across seasons.

“Focus on renovations that are invigorating. Entryway modifications (The Lobby) may matter more to you than service levels (Turndown Service, All Things Concierge). Keep the rejuvenating vibe by tackling the specific change you want, when you want, and release domestic blasé to embrace domestic bliss.” – Hotels to Home, page 18

Look forward to daily living like you look forward to vacationing.

The Concierge