May i get you a beverage?


Dear Host,

We are entering a season that is, for many, filled with welcoming guests and entertaining children at home (holiday breaks for all ages!).

As household numbers expand, a busy host may find themselves in need of convenient yet splendid solutions for ensuring guests have all they need – amenities at the ready, entertainment easily accessed, and most importantly, a bounty of snacks and beverages to go around. Although “hosting” is commonly seen as a high-pressure situation, the key to a seamless event is finding a balance between ease of execution, and grandeur of experience. What’s the perfect example of marrying ease with luxury? A personalized hospitality hub!

Let’s start small with a hotel beverage station and expand the offering as we go. Use household favorites to guide you – make it unique to your needs! Begin with a Hotels to Home favorite, the water station, but add some fruit, fresh mint, or sliced cucumber to elevate the experience. This type of beverage offering is an elixir in dry wintry climates, and a tonic in sweltering summer months.

(Concierge Tip: when setting up your hub, location is key! Set up in a guest room to ensure ultra-convenience or, place in an entryway to guarantee accessibility, all the while preventing beverage-seekers from getting underfoot. Once location is determined, feel free to experiment with style of podium console, bar cart, or side table all work equally well depending on the space available.)

Now, let’s take the basic hospitality hub to new heights and study a more complex aspect of hotel beverage choices. Most hotel lobbies offer a coffee and tea station, for all those guests who hold caffeine in the highest regard. How about your home? Is your caffeine craving an everyday affair, or only on select days? Whether alluding to a grab-and-go atmosphere (stacked to-go cups, easy-pour sugar and cream), or welcoming one to pour a ‘cuppa’ and relax (favorite teacups, sugar cubes, and plate of cookies beckoning), ensure the result reflects your household needs. Our picture gives a peek at one previous guest’s at-home coffee and tea station, where houseguests and family could enjoy a warm beverage, at their leisure. All inspired by a recent hotel stay!

Looking to restyle an existing hospitality niche? Notable occasions always prompt special offerings: curate a 5 o’clock “happy hour” for New Year’s guests, complete with chilled bottles of bubbly and crystal compotes brimming with a fruit and nut medley. For other wintertime celebrations, include festive napkins, season-appropriate scented candles, and holiday-themed jokes. Snowy day keeping the kids homebound? Fill those coffee cups with hot cocoa, and let the children choose from a selection of toppings ramekins with marshmallows, candy cane shavings, whipped cream, or sprinkles!

(Concierge Trick: design your personalized hub to have some “storage” space nearby, to avoid unnecessary trips back and forth to the pantry to secure garnishes and treats. I know one hotel enthusiast who uses a linen drape to simultaneously dress the scene and conceal supplies underneath! Hospitality solutions can always be within arm’s reach.)

A personal favorite, the hospitality hub can be the most versatile and luxurious Hotels to Home enhancement one can implement in their own home. A refreshing solution for both host and guest alike.

The Concierge