Hoteliers want patrons to awake with a sense of positivity and promise. This encourages fond memories and (hopefully) return visits. Many guests share how they delight in waking to a beautiful hotel room. Often commenting on the clean room, prettily painted walls, charming furniture, or eye-catching artwork. The luckiest of guests also enjoy the ability to roll over, touch the window blind’s remote, and enjoy a beautiful view all while snuggled in bed. What a marvelous idea to treat those first few minutes of each day with such care and attention. A somewhat meditative way to launch a good day.

How do we start our days at home? Are they blissful beginnings? Do we open our eyes to something beautiful and auspicious or do we look around without enjoying the pillowside view? The next time you wake up, check where your eye rests and how you feel. Do you see piles of laundry and immediately begin dreading the tasks ahead? Perhaps you see a stack of papers or digital device on the nightstand, and it instantly reminds you of work responsibilities. Or maybe the room is neat and tidy, but you don’t have any décor befitting your visual interests. In any of these cases, the room isn’t speaking to you in such a way that grounds you in positivity. Let’s awake to a wonderous scene in our daily living.

“Get under those covers and instead of placing your pretty little head on the pillow, sit up and look around. What do you see?” – Hotels to Home, page 144

A few ideas on awaking with delight include starting with a clean room (remove those piles) and then finding something or a few things that you can stare at with happiness. What brings people joy is very personal, but as we canvased fellow Hotels to Home enthusiasts, we heard a lot about fresh flowers, artwork/personal photography, walls decorated with a favorite wallpaper or painted to perfection, and a bedside picture of a pet or favorite vacation destination. Anything goes here as long as whatever you gaze upon speaks to you in a positive way.

How we sleep is very important to our overall wellness, but how we awake is very important to our daily disposition and should not be overlooked. Part of elevating your lifestyle includes looking at daily rituals and peppering them with what we find meaningful. In this case, let’ sprinkle some inspiration on the domestic routine of greeting a new day. Just imagine how taking the first few moments of each morning to look on something auspicious will automatically direct your mind to a happy outcome. Good morning indeed!

Have a great day ahead!

The Concierge