The Do not disturb sign - a lifestyle game changer


This Concierge understands the value of privacy in a hotel environment. Guests are unique, have different schedules and possess a variety of privacy needs. The hotel’s do not disturb sign takes this absence of uniformity into account and easily indicates to the hotel staff how to treat each guest during daily service routines. An unobtrusive communication tool (which is located outside the hotel room in the form of electronic light or the iconic door tag), that allows guests and hoteliers to increase pleasing, rather than disruptive, stays.

How do we handle managing interruptions at home? Or do we manage them at all? Let’s look at our daily living and see how homegrown do not disturb signs can be a signal for peace and increase household harmony. Also, if you think this do not disturb messaging is just for restful bedtimes, think again! This tool is a true lifestyle game changer across numerous aspects of daily living.

Many of us cohabitate with others, but that doesn’t mean that we keep the same schedules or have the same privacy desires. The do not disturb sign at home is a gentle reminder to those in our household that we need a moment of solitude. Here is a sampling of how this tool’s symbol can be utilized in everyday homelife: