Trays: a conduit to luxury living


Trays are a luxury hotel staple! One just needs to reminisce on their latest luxury hotel stay to remember the myriad of ways a tray is utilized to improve the guest experience – across hotel areas. Room service trays deliver fabulous food on-demand. Spa trays offer refreshing cucumber-infused face towels. Poolside trays relieve the heat with icy smoothie shots and slope-side resorts often present hot chocolate and warm cookie trays at the bottom of the ski lift. The use of trays is found across luxury hotel life to increase the guest’s ease, wellbeing, and overall luxury experience. Let’s learn from hotels, add a little personal creativity, and discover how we can utilize the tray as a luxury conduit and elevate homelife.

As you review all these tray use suggestions, remember two key points to further appreciate this lifestyle concept. The first is the tray itself. Be on the lookout for a tray you adore to make the moment more pleasing. In true Hotels to Home style, scour markets across your travels or hotel stays and curate trays that are sure to bring happy memories along with providing instant visual gratification. If you cohabitate, personalize trays by household member to celebrate individual preferences.

The second, and perhaps even more important point when using trays at home, remember that they offer mobility! You can roam your home to your favorite area as well as enjoying them both inside and outdoors – much like luxury hotels use trays to extend guest hospitality in varying locations – you choose where to extend your at-home hospitality spirit. Mobility also offers a new layer of homelife wellness! One can further insulate a private moment by landing in a secluded spot or add a dash of allure by moving to, and relishing in, the most beautiful area of the house. Pure at-home joy!

The fun in developing a tray lifestyle within your home is the customization opportunity. The tray itself and how it is utilized can be tailored to your household’s distinct lifestyle desires. Use trays to develop one unique moment in your daily living rituals or define a set of tray traditions that can populate most of your days (and be enjoyed for years to come). Who knew a flat, shallow container with a slightly raised rim could be so meaningful?

Trays, not just for room service anymore!

The Concierge