Weekend Getaway - at home!


Good things come in small packages and a weekend retreat is one such example. Taking a bit of time to relax, unwind, and enjoy the ease of living that comes with hotel life can punctuate an otherwise busy calendar in a richly rewarding manner. But what about leaving the suitcases untouched and staying put to enjoy downtime at home? Taking time away from the demands of home life and social commitments while still enjoying your time at home can be even more restorative and inspiring because travel hassles associated with a getaway have been removed.

Let’s look to hotel life to populate a very personalized weekend retreat for yourself and household. Like any trip, a weekend retreat at home takes planning. Planning this staycation, like you do in advance of a vacation trip, ensures the weekend holds the promise you expect. Start with boundaries! Clear that schedule like you would as if getting out of town. (Also, look to your first day back at work and keep that first morning commitment free so you have a more pleasant transition). Now that you’ve cleared your schedule and have an empty agenda, it’s time to play concierge and build your own homelife holiday!

Playing concierge is relatively easy when creating a weekend retreat because you can use your previous vacations to gain insight as to what brings you that holiday-living vibe. Think back on your most wonderful hotel experiences, what did you like about them? Room service, massages, a quiet reading nook, or art tour? Is there a theme to what you enjoyed, like spa time or culinary delights, and can that be a theme for this at-home getaway weekend too? Plan the days in a pace that suits your being, no sense filling the time by being super busy no matter how luxurious the experiences or completely loafing around if you will quickly tire of the moment. Neither scenario will be enticing or end the weekend on a high note.

The key to this at-home weekend getaway is bringing the experiences in-house. The world is your oyster during this special staycation weekend, and everything comes to you with ease just like in hotel life. Some popular experience choices include bringing in a masseuse for the family, having meals catered (cooking and cleaning are not allowed unless you are taking a cooking course!) by hiring a chef or curating food delivery options, channeling your inner Picasso and taking a private art class, enjoying a private yoga session, or maybe make a day without plans so everyone can snuggle together and watch movies. Experiences abound! One family suggested a wine tasting, another set-up a bounce house for the kids, and still another rented a karaoke machine to enliven the evenings. Really anything goes as long as it brings you joy, and the activities are experienced at a mindful pace for the household. This particular weekend should be treated as an escape from ordinary so let your imagination run wild! Another Hotels to Home hint: since you are planning ahead try to pay for these experiences in advance too. Nothing can sour a beautiful moment like paying bills. Prepaying allows you to rest in and relish your experiences from start to finish.

Now that the experience planning is completed, the time has come to look around your home. Is your weekend getaway guest worthy? Take the time to complete any housekeeping chores typically reserved for the weekend so lounging about at home happens without distraction or guilt. Once tidy, add ambiance to the spaces you will be using. Scented candles, a gorgeous tablescape, fresh blooms, and at-home spa amenities are just the beginning. Tantalize your senses!

After you have created an indulgent space, it’s time to enhance your home by adding five-star hotel amenities. These “luxury polka dots” transform your daily rituals – making daily living a little less ordinary and a bit more extraordinary. Favorite homelife enhancements include a tea/coffee station, staging room service trays, setting up lawn games, and creating a soothing playlist to accompany spa time and turndown service. Anything that makes you feel like a VIP in your own home.

“Like fine hotels, our guest preparation begins prior to the guest’s arrival and takes into account all senses... ” - Hotels to Home page 175

Today’s the day! Time to staycation and savor the break from everyday homelife! Review your itinerary one more time (just like you review a concierge’s activities menu when arriving at a hotel) to ensure no detail is amiss. Drop your work or worries in the “lobby” and relish walking through your entryway into your freshly cleaned home brimming with anticipation. Float in and out of rooms knowing especially curated experiences await. Settle into the experience with a favorite beverage or leisurely meal and begin your at-home vacation. Enjoy how you have romanticized home life throughout the weekend with a care-free spirit. If you are tempted to sneak a peek at work or social obligations, gently remind yourself that you are a guest in your wonderful home so you can refocus on the benefits of unplugging from daily living routines. As your at-home getaway concludes, punctuate the moment with a deeply satisfying experience just like you would on your last vacation day.

No Sunday scaries here! One of the nicest aspects of an at-home weekend getaway is how easy the weekend can conclude, and a new week begins. You get to hold on to your “vacation zen” just a bit longer because you aren’t traveling or catching up on household tasks (like unpacking or laundry), you just seamlessly move from a blissful evening into the next week. A delightful transition.

Staycation love!

The Concierge