What’s the link between luxury hotels and a happier lifestyle?


Many of us yearn for the vacation lifestyle, but why are hotels specifically a conduit to at-home luxury living? How can hotel stays assist us in our daily life well beyond the vacation? Let’s investigate the influence of holiday vacation stays and how they can aid us in chaperoning a new at-home lifestyle that romanticizes daily life.

The Hotels to Home lifestyle template for improving everyday living looks to the accommodation industry as expert guides because they have centuries of hospitality expertise. The pleasures we associate with a hotel stay are neither incidental or coincidental – they are carefully studied, planned, executed, and meticulously managed – to ensure a guest’s gratifying stay (and hopefully, repeat business). In short, hoteliers are thoroughly invested in the lifestyle game so looking to them as we study our own lifestyle makes logical sense.

“Hotels to Home leverages hotels as the industry experts, the author as the market purveyor, and the reader as the steward for creating a better lifestyle in the everyday.” – Hotels to Home page 13

By delving into this hotel focused template, we can usher in a new mode of living for ourselves, ultimately making everyday living experiences more satisfying. Here are just a few advantages of using hotel stays as a lifestyle improvement framework. You'll know you’ve met your final homelife happiness destination when blurring the lines between a fabulous hotel stay and home life comes naturally.

Hotel advantages!

  • Hotels are timeless!
  • They offer unparalleled hospitality expertise (some spanning 100 plus years in the business), but they also keep a keen eye on more modern-day trends. They study hospitality every day and are constantly evolving so hospitality prowess is both fundamental and expansive. Let’s leverage their “hospitality superpowers” to ensure we live like VIPS in our own home!

  • Try before you buy!
  • As a hotel guest one gets to preview anything from aesthetics to functionality across living spaces. Retail opportunities abound and are already being utilized by many hotel brands making this lifestyle relatively easy to procure. If you love how you slept during your visit, you might purchase the bedding ensemble. If you enjoyed the robe in the spa, you could buy one to snuggle in at home. Or perhaps a certain tea or bath salts were highly satisfying, you can bring those home too. Favored interior design concepts like artwork or furniture can also be noted and brought home to create an individual oasis that keeps the holiday vibe alive long after the trip is concluded. Keep in mind that all hotel-life insights are valuable even if not thoroughly enjoyed. If the hotel happened to miss the satisfaction mark with poor bathroom lighting or pillow comfort you’ve just reconfirmed your personal standards and can easily continue to guide your at-home lifestyle accordingly. All hotel experiences, good or bad, can help edit household decisions.

  • Hotels offer exclusive access!
  • Many hotels take the painstaking time to build their property and specifically curate or customize their own products. Bespoke property features can be found across all hotel spaces and specialty developed products abound across hotel life. When you step into a lobby and fall in love with the features (example: comfy furniture or glorious light fixtures) keep that in mind for the next home improvement or interior design project. As your stay continues perhaps and you find yourself relishing in the finer touches that enhance guest experiences (example: handcrafted bath amenities, a swanky martini glass, or fine linens) you are identifying what would upscale your daily living rituals. Once you’ve discerned what brings you pleasure, make an inquiry regarding these bespoke items, confirm a purchase, and take it home. Curating these distinctly unique products allows for a more custom, rather than a culturally prescribed, way of living in the everyday.

  • Every space counts!
  • Miniscule or grand - in a hotel or at home - ALL spaces are important. Hotels are experts at utilizing space to their advantage (because they are challenged to make the most of a finite footprint) and we should be too! Practice mindfulness during your hotel visits and observe how wisely hoteliers use different hotel areas as they ensure every square inch counts. Perhaps discover how these distinct spaces can be repurposed multiple ways. Observe how even the tiniest corner can be welcoming or functional. Once inhabiting the hotel guest room check all the features that make hotel life so pleasurable during an overnight stay such as guest room/closet built-ins that add to your convenience and make staying organized a breeze. As you experience day-to-day hotel living, pretend you are on safari and visit all the areas on the hotel map for inspiring ideas.

Hotels can offer so many insights into daily living if we just pay attention!!!! Take note of the hotel’s hospitality handiwork and how you personally respond to all the hotel nuances. Use these visits as the credible lifestyle touchstone they are to source your own at-home sanctuary. Hoteliers are the expert guides in the Hotels to Home lifestyle framework, but remember you are the steward of your very own lifestyle evolution!

Happy homelife styling!

The Concierge